We are three high school students from Toronto who have created ThemeSpace for the New Year New Hack 2021 Hackathon. Inspired by some of our previous projects and this CGP Grey video, ThemeSpace provides a social platform for New Year’s resolution/theme chasers to both record and share their progress. Using an innovative tagging system, ThemeSpace can also recommend new activities to users based on their logged actions.

But why ThemeSpace? Why not ResolutionSpace, or NewYearSpace? As CGP Grey points out, having a theme for the new year instead of a specific goal can be better for personal improvement. This is because when it comes to personal improvement, any progress is good progress. There doesn’t need to be a goal that you must hit, like 25 points to win a volleyball set. Instead, look at it like a practice, where any touches you get help you improve.

Having a theme allows you to see your choices in a different perspective, which falls in direct opposition to the tunnel vision you might get if you have a specific goal. For example, if your resolution is to do 20 pushups a day because you want to get healthier, you may get better at doing pushups, but you won’t necessarily get healthier; there is no guarantee you eat properly, sleep properly, and so on.

On ThemeSpace, you can post what you have done towards your theme, see posts from other users, and get posts recommended to you based on how you tag your own posts. Enjoy, good luck with your resolutions, and Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2021 is better :)

Help / How to use ThemeSpace

Login/Sign up: You can click the login button on the top right, or if you don't have an account yet you can press the sign up button to create one. When signing up, you can pick your theme that you want to record and keep track of.

Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the dashboard.

At the top right, you can click into your own profile to see your entries and your theme. If you want to change your theme, you can click the settings button at the top right to update your theme.

Making a new Entry: You can click on "Make new entry" to make a new entry, where you write about your progress, put in related tags to the entry, and the current date.

New Activities: This will show the newest entries that are posted by any other user, allowing for you to see other people's progress on their resolutions/themes.

Your Recent Entries: This will show the most recent entries that you posted, which can be seen by others and lets you see your progress in a organized format.

Suggested Activities: This will show the entries of other people who have similar themes/resolutions as you, based on the tags that you can set for each entry.

Following: This will show the entries of the people that you follow. You can click into other people's profiles, and follow them by clicking the "follow" button if you would like to keep track of their progress on their themes/resolutions.

For any further information or questions, feel free to contact us at themespaceco@gmail.com.